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  2. Online requests for samples or quotes will only be processed if the request comes from a valid company e-mail address. We will verify this information upon receipt of request.
  3. Chemstock reserves the right to refuse any requests.
  4. Chemstock does not send samples, provide quotes, or sell any materials to individuals or universities. Only requests from valid commercial organizations will be processed.chemcardguy
  5. Chemstock will not ship hazardous materials (samples or regular orders) until it has received verification that the requestor has full capability to handle and store hazardous materials.
  6. Chemstock will not ship active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) as samples.
  7. Chemstock will report any requests for List 1 or List 2 chemicals, explosives, or drug products to the appropriate government agencies.
  8. Chemstock will contact the requestor in response to any additional charges incurred by sample request.

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