iStock_000006477942_MediumWe Provide our High Quality Service to the following industries:

 Adhesives Nutrition Fragrance Beverage
Industrial Oil & Gas Plastics Personal Care
Textiles and Dyes Pharmaceuticals Metal Alloys  Military


Half a Century Of Experience

Our constant commitment to serving our customers for the last 15 years has made us one of the leading single source of chemical product and service options.

At Chemstock we offer:iStock_000009942879_Medium

  • Competitive Rates
  • Advanced Product Expertise
  • Efficient logistics solutions to optimize your chemical supply chain
  • Unparalleled personalized customer servive
  • Corporate social responsibility

Chemstock stands behind our products and always works to ensure that our customers will always recieve the highest quality chemicals.  Being able to provide superior value to every facet of your supply chain is as important to us as it is to you.

Chemical Distribution

Chemstock takes special care to manage our distribution process with the utmost attention to detail and guarantee that your chemicals will arrive in a timely manner from the time of your order to exactly when you need them most.  Our distribution centers are strategically located across the united states to allow flexible ordering and storage options to accomodate for any fluctuations in product demand.


Contracts with our ltl and truckload carriers along with our relationships at the major US and international ports allow us to expedite the transportation and clearance of your imported and exported products.  Our relationships give us access to in depth tracking at all critical points in your products transit.